Development and Application of Audio Tactile Electronic Material for Students with Visually Impaired



Braille alphabet, science teaching, Moon phases, middle school students


In this study, an audio, tactile, and electronic material for teaching the concepts of "Moon Phases" and tactile matching cards for evaluation were developed considering the needs of students with visually impaired (SVI). These developed materials were based on the STEM method. This study is a "design and development research". "Design and Development Research" is the research related to the development of products and tools and consists of the stages of development, implementation and evaluation of teaching materials, educational software and learning systems to be used in learning and teaching processes. In this study, a material was developed and applied. The study group of the research consists of 5th grade students in a middle school for the visually impaired in Istanbul. 8 students including 3 girls and 5 boys participated in the study. After the application was made with the developed material, the students' opinions about the material were taken with the semi-structured interview form prepared by the researchers. The data obtained from the interviews were analyzed with the content analysis method, and suggestions were presented in the light of the findings.


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