Using Chatbot Technology in Education: Example of Newton Model



Newton, chatbots, science teaching, scientists


It is not possible to achieve modern learning goals with traditional methods. For this reason, it is important to produce educational technologies that enable students to continue their learning and can help teachers. In recent years, Artificial intelligence and Chatbot technologies have been among the most effective methods that have begun to exist at many points in the learning process. Being interested in the lives and work of scientists will increase students' interest in science and the communication of science with society. In this study, firstly, a literature review was done on the use of chatbots in the field of education, and then it was aimed to develop a three-dimensional audible model that would enable students to chat about the life and works of Isaac Newton. This study is a design and development research. Newton recognition test, which was prepared by the researchers during the preliminary information gathering, was applied to a group of 65 middle school 8th-grade students. The obtained data were analyzed by content analysis and turned into a question-and-answer list that the model would use during the conversation. Then, using the MIT App Inventor application, a chatbot application was developed with the blog coding method and loaded into the prepared questions and answers. Later, the mobile application interface was designed. The prepared application was combined with a realistic Newton model, which was loaded on a tablet and printed with a 3D printer.


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